This connector is beta. If any connector doesn’t behave the way you expect, we always want to know, but especially in this case.

Taco’s Exchange connector retrieves tasks, not flagged emails. To retrieve flagged emails, use Taco’s IMAP connector.


To connect Exchange (via Exchange Web Services or EWS) with Taco, from the Connectors page, click “Exchange.” Taco will present a settings page like the one below. Provide your Exchange server hostname (such as or, username, and password.


Taco requires Exchange Web Services (EWS) enabled on the Exchange server. EWS is different from the better-known Outlook Web Access (OWA), which is used as webmail. EWS exposes an API at /EWS/Exchange.asmx.

Feel free to email us if we can help or see whether your server is suitable.

Rackspace (

Taco works with Rackspace Exchange hosting ( To find the name of your system, visit Rackspace’s control panel. In the Client Setup section, click the Entourage 2008 link.

Look for “EWS Server.” It should be a name similar to Provide that Exchange server name in Taco’s Exchange settings. / Outlook365

Taco works with (Microsoft Office365/Outlook365). Use the server

Here’s more about how tasks are presented in


Taco imports all open tasks.