To connect with Taco and manage cases, from the Connectors page, click “Salesforce.”

Salesforce editions

Only these Salesforce editions/plans have API access, which is what allows Taco to retrieve your tasks.

Authorize access

Salesforce will present a settings page like this one:

Sync Salesforce cases with OAuth

Click “Allow” to approve Taco’s access.


Taco imports up to:

  • 250 cases which are not Closed and are assigned to you. This should be identical to the “My Open” view on’s Cases tab.
  • 250 tasks which are not Completed and are assigned to you.

Closing cases and completing tasks

To mark a case closed or a task complete in Salesforce from within Taco, click its checkbox in Taco. Taco will prompt you whether or not to update Salesforce.

Keyboard shortcut

While using Taco, press the keyboard shortcut g sa (as in “go to Salesforce”) to open Salesforce in a new browser tab.