Taco can connect with Google Tasks and/or Gmail (any label, such as Inbox, Starred, or your own custom folder/label).

Taco can also embed your Google Calendar, as described below.

Choose services

To connect Google Tasks and/or Gmail with Taco, from the Connectors page, click “Google.” You’ll see a page to choose services:

Choose Gmail, Tasks, or both

Enable both or either service and click “Connect Google Services.”


In Gmail, the desired label must be accessible via IMAP. The Inbox and Starred labels are both accessable by default.

If you have disabled IMAP access to the label which Taco is using, or have disabled all IMAP access, visit Gmail Settings. On the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, enable IMAP Access and click Save Changes. Then, on the Labels tab, enable IMAP access to the label you provided to Taco.

On Forwarding and POP/IMAP, click Enable IMAP:

Gmail IMAP access

On Labels, enable “Show in IMAP” for desired label. It should look like this:

Gmail Labels (Starred) IMAP access

IMAP connection limit

Gmail limits each email account to 15 concurrent IMAP connections (details). While this is rarely a problem, users with many active email clients (for example, many computers and mobile devices) may occasionally see a message like this in Taco:

Gmail is temporarily not accepting connections for your account due to Google’s IMAP connection limit. This is not a problem; Taco will sync again when Gmail permits.

This limit is not caused by Taco and is nothing to worry about. Taco automatically works around this restriction, as do other email (IMAP) clients.

Authorize access

Google will present a confirmation page like this:

Sync Google Tasks tasks with OAuth

When both Tasks and Gmail are enabled, the authorization page will look like this.

Google+ access: Taco does not need, want, or use Google+ in any way. The message “Know who you are on Google+” below is inaccurate, as detailed in this comment. We’re hopeful that Google will fix this problem, but regardless, Taco does not use or request data from Google+.

Sync Gmail starred emails and Google Tasks tasks with OAuth

Multiple accounts

Taco can work with multiple Gmail accounts. To link more than one account, visit and log out so that Google prompts you which account to link. Then, visit Connectors and link Google. Login as the account you want to link. Repeat.

Note: Taco links to tasks by using the domain name of the related account, like (for Gmail) or (Google Apps). This works well with one account per domain name, such as a work account and a home account.

However, when you login to Google with multiple accounts on, Google chooses email URLs based on the order you logged in (in the current browsing session). Taco’s has no way to tell which account you logged in to first (on, so the links to mails assume that the account linked with Taco was the first account you logged in to.

Partial workaround: Google interprets Taco’s links using the first account you logged in to Google as (in the current browsing session). To control which Gmail account Taco links use, log out of both Google accounts, then log in to the Google account that you want Taco links to use. Make sure to log in to that account first in your browsing session. This will at least let you choose which account’s links do work.


Tasks: Taco imports all active Google Tasks from across all lists. “Active” means the task has not been completed, deleted, or hidden.

Gmail: Taco imports all threads from the label you provided.

Note that Taco has as little access as possible in order to see Tasks, Gmail, or both. Taco can only see Tasks, Gmail, or both, not any other data in your Google account, and no logic exists within Taco to access any other data.

For Gmail threads, Taco links to the specific message (Chrome) or the folder (Safari). For Google Tasks items, Taco links to the standalone Google Tasks view.


Completing a Gmail email thread will:

  • remove the label/folder which Taco is watching (such as Starred or My work todos), and
  • archive it

Completing a Google Task task is equivalent to checking it off in Google Tasks.

Using, Sunrise, or another task-oriented email program?

Taco can work with the Gmail labels generated by most other Gmail-oriented email programs. For example, for, provide Taco with the label:

[Mailbox]/To Do

Taco will then show threads with that label, which are all threads you designate as To Do in

Keyboard shortcut

While using Taco, press the keyboard shortcut g go (as in “go to Google”) to open Google in a new browser tab.


Google Calendar

Taco can display your Google Calendar, like a scrollable agenda:

Google Calendar - agenda

or a day, week, or month view:

Google Calendar - month

Here’s how. Visit Google Calendar. Click the cog icon (upper right), choose Settings from the dropdown, then click the Calendars tab. You’ll arrive here.

Click the name of one of the calendars, like the calendar named “Sally Diaz” shown here:

Google Calendar - Settings - Calendars

Scroll to “Embed this calendar.” Click the “Customize the color, size, and other options” link, as shown here:

Google Calendar - Settings - Calendars - Embed

Choose which calendar(s) to include, the format, and size. Here is one popular set of options:

Embed Google Calendar in Taco Chrome extension

When finished adjusting calendar settings, click the “Update HTML” button. Highlight the HTML shown and copy it. Browse to Taco Theme settings under “Add your own logo, links, and content.” Paste the HTML (with no other changes), like this:

Embed Google Calendar agenda HTML in Taco

Save the Taco settings and reload the page once or twice. You will need to be logged in to Google with access to your calendar in order to see it. To read more about Google Calendar’s embed functionality, see

Un-starring emails

If you would like to use Gmail’s Starred folder/label and had previously used starred emails without ever un-starring them, here’s a quick way to un-star existing emails and start fresh:

1. Show starred emails

Visit all starred emails in Gmail:

Show starred emails in Gmail

2. Select all starred emails

Choose Select -> All. If you have more than 1 screenful of starred messages, Gmail will then show “Select all conversations” link at the top of the message list. Click it.

Show all starred emails in Gmail

3. Un-star emails

With all starred messages checked, click the “More” dropdown and choose “Remove star.”

Remove star

After stars have been removed from old emails, simply star any new emails which need action. When an email is no longer a task, un-star it from within Taco or Gmail.