To connect Remember The Milk with Taco, from the Connectors page, click “Remember The Milk.” Taco will present a settings page like the one below.

Ensure Taco has access

First, visit RTM’s Settings in the General tab. Turn on “Private Addresses” if it isn’t already enabled:

Remember The Milk Private Addresses setting

Obtain URL

Second, obtain the “Atom URL” from your RTM “All Tasks” tab/list or any other RTM list. (Have an older RTM account with no “All Tasks” tab? Here’s how to create it).

Once on the “All Tasks” list (or the list you would like Taco to use), right-click the “Atom” link and copy the URL:

Remember The Milk Atom/RSS URL

About the Atom URL

Important: this URL will end with tok followed by 50 or more random letters. This is the API key and it allows Taco to obtain your tasks. When you copy the URL, it should look like this (but with far more random letters after the ?tok=):*3Qe

After copying the URL, paste it into the Taco’s RTM settings page.

Choose tasks/list (optional)

Remember The Milk creates an “All Tasks” list for you. Taco can use that list and import all of your incomplete tasks.

Alternatively, to import a different set of tasks, like only those due prior to now or only those in certain lists, create an RTM Smart List and point Taco at that list.

Smart Lists can use any RTM search, like dueBefore:now or list:"Work stuff". See Smart List docs. Taco automatically ignores completed tasks


Taco imports all incomplete tasks in the Remember The Milk list which you chose (such as “All Tasks”). Since RTM lists can use any RTM search, Taco can retrieve any set of tasks.

Keyboard shortcut

While using Taco, press the keyboard shortcut g re (as in “go to Remember The Milk”) to open Remember The Milk in a new browser tab.