Temporarily unavailable

Important: iCloud Reminders are currently unavailable due to a change in Apple’s iCloud security policy. The Taco team is optimistic that Taco can still work with iCloud Reminders at some point, but we want to see iCloud become more stable (or ideally, provide a real API) before releasing and supporting another integration.

To connect iCloud Reminders (also used for the iOS Reminders and OS X Reminders apps) with Taco, from the Connectors page, click “iCloud Reminders.”

Taco will present more specific instructions for sharing reminder lists with Taco. Provide Taco with the email address of your Apple ID (iCloud, App Store, and iTunes) account.


Taco imports all reminders in the reminder list(s) you share with Taco.


If you rename a list after sharing it with Taco, Taco will still show the old list name when hovering over a task. To update the list name, un-share and re-share it to icloud@tacoapp.com.


If you set “Remind me on” dates for tasks that aren’t relevant until then, Taco ignore tasks with “Remind me on” dates set (until the day before the reminder).

Also, Taco can ignore recurring tasks until the day before the next occurrence.

These options are shown in the connector settings and are enabled by default.

Keyboard shortcut

While using Taco, press the keyboard shortcut g ic (as in “go to iCloud”) to open iCloud in a new browser tab.